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Current by-laws state:

Parks and Pathways Bylaw 20M2003

The Park and Pathway Bylaw restricts gardening in Parks and along pathways, but the Director of Parks may allow it by permit. Individuals cannot sell or conduct business in Parks and Pathways without a permit. The Community Neighbourhood Services website says that individuals cannot sell/benefit from access or use of public land. I do not see that specific provision in the Bylaws.

17. No Person shall...
(b) damage, dig, cut, disturb or destroy any Park Vegetation, whether alive or dead.

23. (1) No Person shall, in a park:
(a) plant, grow, place or modify any plant, flower or other Park Vegetation;
(b) build, erect, place, remove, or modify any Amenity, Pathway or Trail;
(c) cut, irrigate, spray or apply any substance, including pesticides or fertilizers, to any grass or other Park Vegetation, or otherwise disturb or damage the Park Vegetation;
(d) leave, place, store, deposit or hoard anything; or...

29. No Person shall:
(a) make available, offer or give away free goods or services;
(b) make available for sale goods or services;
(c) carry on any business of any kind or nature whatsoever or solicit for any business, trade or occupation;
(d) place a sign or device of any kind advertising or publicizing any commercial venture or facility; or
(e) place or leave any goods or merchandise in order to display the same for sale; anywhere in a Park, unless specifically allowed by the Director.

47. The Director may, as the designated officer for and on behalf of The City authorize the formalization and execution of:
(a) contracts for the operation of concessions in a Park, or in a building within a Park, selling anything or providing services deemed appropriate by the Director of Parks;

49. The Director may grant Permits allowing any activity within a Park which is otherwise prohibited by this Bylaw including:
(f) allowing the cutting or planting of Park Vegetation in a Park;

"Park Vegetation" means any fungus, plant or part thereof which grows in a Park